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Centre News Summer 2021

What is unique about the Centre?  (text under consideration of the ITC Council June 2021) The ITC has a unique atmosphere. As all its activities are related to the higher aspects of life, the Source of Wisdom and Love, it is thus connected with the finer spiritual energies. Visitors, when open and receptive to its potent stillness, can therefore be greatly helped and inspired. Her Majesty has arrived, and she...

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31 Oktober: Lezing “Werken met energieën”

Latente Vermogens in de Mens is een reeks programma’s over buitengewone ervaringen en energieën in de ontwikkeling van de mens georganiseerd door het ITC en de Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland (TVN).  Op 31 oktober 2021 gaat het over  “Werken met energieën”. Bijzondere energieën zijn altijd latent aanwezig en trekken veel aandacht. We zijn als mens in staat hiermee in contact te komen, en hiermee te werken. Soms zijn ze...

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Devi Tara at the International Theosophical Centre

Tara as a goddess can be found in many traditions, which is inspiring, but also confusing. Tara appears in both Hindu and Buddhist pantheon. In Japan she is known as Tara Bosatsu, she is the mother goddess in Druidic religion, a sea goddess in Polynesian mythology and a goddess in Estonian mythology. As such, she is comparable with the virgin Mary, being called upon when in despair. Devi Tara,...

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