The word theosophy is derived from the Greek theos and sofia, meaning divine wisdom.
It is not a religion but an esoteric philosophy on spiritual evolution.
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A lot of the events taking place at the ITC are filmed and uploaded to our YouTube channel.
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There has always been a small group of dedicated workers, at the ITC and abroad, who saw the need for this profound work in an increasingly complex world, which is like a beautiful diamond with all its shining colours, representing all the unique qualities of the individual countries.


Our library contains a collection of approx. 8500 book titles, magazines and DVDs, in the field of esotericism and spirituality.
Theosophical literature forms the core of the collection. As most books are in the Dutch language, so is our Library page.


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Apart from sharing our own content we want to inform you about valuable resources of theosophical content around the world.

Theosophy World resource centre

Theosophical Encyclopedia

Theosophy Wiki

More links to theosophical websites are listed on our page Connect.