The ITC is host for a diversity of spiritual organizations

The Centre is also used by different meditative organizations such as yoga schools, Buddhist groups, sufi’s and ceremonial groups. In order to preserve the spiritual atmosphere of the ITC these organizations need to have comparable aims and work along similar core values as the Centre.

ITC is considered as an Ashram

Any stay at the centre is meant to promote quietness of mind, peace and a harmonious life. Therefore smoking and the use of drugs on the estate is prohibited; furthermore only vegetarian meals and non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed.

Facilities for rent

The ITC has several rooms and buildings for activities and lodging.

The Besant Hall offers a lecture hall for up to 120 people with a stage for performances, a large entrance hall with kitchen, a library, an office and a small meditation room.

Two smaller buildings (Ashrama and Atelier) are available for activities for up to 30 people each. Both buildings have a small kitchen.

Lotus House offers lodging with 10 bedrooms, two of which have two beds, individual shower and bathroom, a (shared) kitchen and living with internet connection.

Crystal House offers 20 bedrooms; 10 single persons and 10 two persons bedrooms each with own bathroom.

Crystal Hall offers dining facilities for up to 80 persons, including a professional kitchen. The Hall is also used for group activities, such as meditations.

3 self-catered wooden cabins with living room/kitchen, bedroom (2 persons) and bathroom in a very peaceful part of the Estate.

Further information

For further information on renting conditions and prices, please contact the Booking Office:

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