Financial support from benefactors allows ITC to continue to offer affordable prices for activities as well as to make investments in the maintenance and improvements of its facilities. If you wish to support ITC financially, there are several options to choose from:

  • A donation to the Olcott Activities Fund. This fund provides financial support to low-income participants of seminars and retreats organized by ITC. It also contributes to part of the travel costs of lecturers. Thus, people who could otherwise not afford to attend are enabled to visit the Centre and join activities as participants or lecturers.
  • A dedicated donation. It is currently possible to choose a specific project such as the creation of a labyrinth on the site of the former tennis court or the renovation of the Garden of Remembrance (in honour of Annie Besant, one of the founders of the ITC and second president of the Theosophical Society).
  • A general donation to ITC.
  • Become a Friend of ITC (minimum contribution of 50 Euros per annum). Through this, you commit yourself to supporting and engaging with ITC in several ways. For more info click here.

Donations may be transferred to this account number:
(IBAN) NL42 ABNA 0475 4536 46 (BIC ABNANL2A)
in the name of St. Sint Michael Naarden, stating one of the above options.

If you wish to provide ITC with a more sizeable donation, for instance in the form of a legacy, you may contribute to the ITC Endowment Fund or the Olcott Endowment Fund. Your donation will be invested, and the annual proceeds this yields will respectively be dedicated to the maintenance of the buildings and the work of the aforementioned Olcott Activities Fund. Your donation will thus support ITC for a longer period of time.

Dutch residents and tax payers can declare their donation to ITC as a tax deduction under Dutch law. For more information, including the option to enter into a periodic donation agreement for at least 5 years, click here.

If you wish to contact ITC concerning donations, please send an e-mail to

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