Financial support from benefactors allows ITC to continue to offer affordable prices for activities as well as to make investments in the maintenance and improvements of its facilities. If you wish to support ITC financially, there are several options to choose from:

  • A donation to the Olcott Activities Fund. 
  • A dedicated donation for a specific project.
  • A general donation to ITC.
  • Become a Friend of ITC.

For more information about the Olcott Activities Fund, our projects, and how you can contribute to our course, click the button below.


ITC does not employ staff, and is entirely dependent on work done by volunteers. New volunteers are always welcome. If you wish to join us as a volunteer, there are several options. 

We ask our volunteers to be available regularly, to support the mission of the Centre, and contribute positively to its atmosphere and energies.

It is also possible to stay at the Centre for several days, weeks or months (no longer than 6 months) if you would like to offer yourself as a longer-term volunteer.

For more information about volunteer work, click the button below.


Since the beginning many Friends from the Netherlands and abroad have supported the ITC.
The ITC has always had a special relationship with its Friends.
Being Friend of a spiritual Centre implies a much deeper relationship than being a financial sponsor.

Friends are required to subscribe the aims and activities of the ITC. This results in a bond, which is experienced by many Friends who live even hundreds or thousands of kilometres away.

Friends enable us to preserve this unique spiritual centre for the future, to maintain the estate and to organise the activities which are vital for the ITC.