The ITC Peace meditation, work of which started in the late 1930s, can be described as an affirmative action, both inviting and supporting work of angels. It is therefore important for those who get involved to understand its background.

The story begins with the process of Creation, and the related role of the angels. Theosophy teaches that Creation has two different aspects: matter and consciousness. The one does not exist without the other. Creation includes and is supported by a range of beings, with different names in world religions, such as devas or angels. Collective thoughts on peace or altruism create waves which can have a strong impact on the plane of intuition, where angels work. Angels can thus be created, and their energy enhanced by the collective thoughts of groups of people. Such thoughts can be based on a religion, an ideal or a nation. Nations with a national identity are therefore supported by their National Angels, as part of a Global Hierarchy. The following is a short description of their work, as described by Geoffrey Hodson, in his book The kingdom of the Gods.

The Archangel

The whole human race is presided over by a lofty Archangel who exerts continually a spiritualising influence upon the Higher Selves of all men. This Archangel unifies itself at the level of Spiritual Will, or Atma with every human Ego, and by lending its own far more highly developed Atmic power to each, enhances for them the influence of their own Monad and its Ray. The degree of such enhancement and man’s response thereto varies through thousands of centuries according to the effect of cyclic progression and the culmination and coincidence of component cycles. Nevertheless, it is to be assumed that this ministration continues without intermission throughout the whole world.

 The Archangel may be thought of as a weaver who uses as his threads the national characteristics, the dharma, and the karma of the nations of the world, weaving them as the centuries pass into the pattern which the nations will produce according to the plan held in the Universal Mind. By his weaving he is also drawing the races together, helping to establish on earth the brotherhood of man. Despite his mighty power and his perfect understanding of the divine Plan, he seeks neither to impose his will upon men nor to oppose the collective will of a nation, however wrongly that will may be directed at any period. For man must grow by virtue of his own experience and the unfolding life within him.

 National Angels

Each well-established nation is similarly presided over by a National Angel or Archangel Potentate. This lofty Intelligence is associated more especially with the Egos of all members of the nation. It unifies itself with each and continually enhances the spiritual power and life of the Ego. On occasion it also sends an impulse down to the personality to act in a manner which will best contribute to the fulfilment of dharma and evolution to the stature of the perfect man.

A National Angel may be regarded as a member of the more elevated ranks of the Angelic Hierarchy who has been appointed to this high office. In that capacity he works largely from the level of Spiritual Will, from which he obtains a full knowledge of the karma and the dharma of his nation, and of the ideal development towards which it is part of his duty to guide and inspire its people. His work is to quicken the evolution of his nation and to inspire its leaders to make decisions which will help towards the fulfilment of the national dharma; he seeks to minimise the effects of errors and to exercise a restraining influence, so that the nation may not depart unduly from the path leading to its highest destiny or fail to take its appointed place in the family of nations.
The kingdom of the Gods, by Geoffrey Hodson, TPH, 1952, page 73-77 (abridged)

The meditation

We know the reality of creative imagination and thought power. With the moment of silence at the start of the meditation, we are suggested, irrespective of time and country, to mentally link up with all those who are also using this Peace Meditation. This will bring down a greater volume of Angelic energy as it then is more impersonal and this focused intention of linking with all members, will make it more powerful.

By seeing this as a living reality, the participants of this meditation cooperate in the building of a united world. A network, acting on different levels of existence, supporting cooperation, unity, and peace among countries, continues to be crucial for the future of mankind.

 ITC and Peace Meditation

The Centre aims to foster the principle of Universal Brotherhood and Peace. All activities at the Centre support these aims, thus helping with the challenges we are facing today.

Visitors of the Centre participate in a broad range of spiritual activities. Any stay at the Centre is meant to promote quietness of mind, peace, and a harmonious mind. ITC has a unique and sacred atmosphere. All its activities are related to the higher aspects of life, the Source of Wisdom and Love. It is thus connected with the finer spiritual energies. Visitors can be greatly helped and inspired by its potent stillness. Another aspect of the work is even less visible, the ITC Peace Meditation.

Download the introduction to the ITC peace meditation here.


International Theosophical Centre Naarden

(Start with a moment of silence)

Irrespective of time and country, mentally link up with all those who are also using this Peace Meditation.

Visualise the Planet Earth in all its beauty.
Visualise the world as a living unit,
Every continent with its unique place and purpose in the Great Plan.
Focus on: Asia, N. America, S. America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Antarctica.

In the spirit of cooperation, I greet the planetary archangel,
The great angels of the continents,
And the national angels of all countries across the world.
Come to our aid that we, the human and angelic, may work closely together.

Encircle all places with your love, your compassion, your peace, and your protection.

(Stay with this for a while with full attention)

In silence or say aloud:

May wars between nations be relegated to the past.
May your gracious powers and light uplift the consciousness of all beings,
Heralding a new age on earth of cooperation, of brotherhood and of peace.

There is One Life, One Will, and One Brotherhood of Nations.
May the Spirit of Unity and Love, that knows no barriers,
make Brotherhood in the world a living reality.

(Close with a moment of silence)


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