ITC does not employ staff, and is entirely dependent on work done by volunteers. New volunteers are always welcome. If you wish to join us as a volunteer, there are several options:

  • A group dedicated to garden work meets every second Saturday of the month at 10 am, to work on the grounds surrounding St Michael’s House as well as those near the conference facilities.
  • There is always a need for helping hands to perform maintenance at ITC. The specific dates are agreed upon in consultation with the volunteers.
  • Volunteers are also needed for housekeeping, specifically when groups arrive and depart from the Centre.

It is also possible to stay at the Centre for several days, weeks or months (no longer than 6 months) if you would like to offer yourself as a longer-term volunteer (see section below titled Options for temporary volunteers working at ITC).

We ask our volunteers to be available regularly, to support the mission of the Centre, and contribute positively to its atmosphere and energies.

To work as a volunteer, please complete our registration form (in Dutch) - for queries in English please e-mail to info@itc-naarden.org.

Options for temporary volunteers working at ITC

The work at International Theosophical Centre Naarden, the Netherlands, (ITC) is performed on a day-to-day basis by a sizeable group of volunteers, living at or near the Centre. In addition to this ITC welcomes volunteers to come and stay at the Centre for a few weeks or months, to experience life at our spiritual centre in this manner, while contributing to various aspects of its ongoing endeavours. Volunteers come from different corners of the world, which creates great opportunities to forge new friendships. It is also possible for a group of friends to apply as a team, and enjoy working toward a common goal.

ITC is the European home base of the TS. It aims to be a living theosophical community, one of the few in the world. St. Michaels House (SMH) is the heart of the Centre, used as office and meeting space for several theosophical activities. In addition, the house is a meeting point for other volunteers, people making deliveries, contractors, and representatives of tenants, as well as a central point for keeping and picking up keys for the buildings. This multiplicity of functionalities creates a lively atmosphere in the house.

Work that can be performed by volunteers includes:

  • Active support during events, such as preparing the rooms for guests (linen, coffee table, etc).
  • At SMH: welcoming guests, accepting deliveries, addressing contractors etc.
  • Gardening work, such as weeding, pruning, and mowing the lawns.
  • Property upkeep, for example cleaning wooden window frames.
  • Minor repairs, and other maintenance work.

A list of work to be according to the season is always available.

 The offer:

  1. Periods: in general for periods of one to six weeks.
  2. You will reside at SMH, or in one of the wooden cabins, where you can also prepare your meals. You can borrow a bike to do your shopping and explore the beautiful surroundings.
  3. You are welcome to use the library at Besant Hall and meditation room at SMH.
  4. International TS activities are primarily offered during summer, these can be attended free of charge (the rest of the season, most activities are also free, but are then offered mainly in Dutch).
  5. Financial aspects: Rooms are free of charge. Generally speaking, you buy and prepare your own meals. A food budget is available when needed.

What we ask of you:

  1. We expect you to work at ITC for at least 5 to 6 hours per day.
  2. Respect the aims of the Centre and the multitude of activities taking place.
  3. Respect the house rules of the Centre, such as adhering to a vegetarian diet, no alcohol, no smoking.
  4. A reasonable understanding of the English language

For information, please contact the ITC secretary: info@itc-naarden.org

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