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Local Lodge
ITC has an active theosophical Annie Besant Lodge with a range of activities please see

ITC intends to organise international seminars every summer. We hope to organise the June 2020 programme “Exploring the powers latent in humankind”, cancelled due to Corona, in June 2022. Details will follow later.

ITC intends to organise a retreat at the autumn of 2022, content of which will be announced in due time.
The independent Sangha Metta organisation frequently organises Buddhist retreats. For their programs see

In combination with the Dutch section ITC organises Dutch language lectures “Latente Vermogens in de Mens” on 31 Oktober 2021: Werken met energieën and 11 December 2021: Het boven natuurlijke. 

Ceremonial Activities
ITC does not organise ceremonial activities itself, but ceremonial work has always been important since the foundation of the centre. We refer to:

ITC does not organise yoga classes itself. The independent Raja Yoga school Samyama organises yoga classes at the atelier of ITC, nearly daily. For their programs see:

Children Programs
ITC does not organise children’s programs itself. We refer to the Order of the Round Table, an International organisation for young people of all nations; for those who hold to a religious faith and those who do not. Its aim is to form a brotherhood of children and young people to help humanity in its inner development, both moral and spiritual, using symbols and ceremonies. Symbols can touch the heart directly, bypassing the intellect; and their use in ceremonies enables children to learn directly about eternal values, keeping them in touch, perhaps, with that which they already intuitively know.
For the Dutch organisation see

European School: The European School of Theosophy organises courses in different countries and has an active online program see:

Upcoming Events