What can I do at the Centre?

What is unique about the Centre?
The ITC has a unique and sacred atmosphere. All of its activities are related to the higher aspects of life, the Source of Wisdom and Love. It is thus connected with the finer spiritual energies. Visitors can be greatly helped and inspired by its potent stillness.

What can I do at the Centre?
In line with our mission a range of spiritual activities take place at the Centre, often several in different buildings at the same time. We refer to the programs of the different organisations as listed on this site.

In between these programs we cannot offer any services, other than visitors staying in our self-catering cabins. Many experienced that this is an excellent opportunity for a personal retreat or study. For renting one of the cabins send an e-mail to: The centre has many places with special attention for meditation. See our page A walk around ITC. Our library is at your disposal. We have bikes available for nearby shopping.

Without programs the centre looks quiet, but this stillness is of equal importance as during the activities, provided it does not take to long! It allows the finer energies (and our workers) to regain energy for a new activity.

You are welcome at our library. For more information visit this page (in Dutch).

Volunteer’s work
There is always volunteers work to be done at ITC. A short list is available. Several of the jobs are dependent of the season. In addition, there is an active garden group which works one day each month, often the second Saturday.

For information contact:

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