Successful Dutch Summer School

The Dutch Section of the TS organised a very successful summer school from 7 to 11 June, with the theme ‘Spirituality in the Present Time’. The aim of the school was to present a range of spiritual activities in the peaceful environment of ITC, as an alternative to the challenges we are currently facing in the world. Following two short lectures in the morning, participants could choose between five different workshops in the afternoon. These included those of the lecturers, as well as several  independent activities which regularly take place at ITC, such as Sangha Metta Meditation, Samyama Raja Yoga and Krishnamurti Dialogues.

The programme, with a range of choices and activities, was much appreciated, reflecting the broad spiritual perspective of the TS. Several of the participants showed willingness to become TS members and active volunteers at the ITC, so important for the work of the TS and the ITC now and into the future. It is our intention to organise such a summer school on an annual basis.

The programme reflected the broad
spiritual perspective of the Theosophical Society.
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