June 17 – June 19 Seminar: Exploring the Powers in Humankind

Research has shown that 51% of population in western countries have had exceptional experiences, such as clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreams, near-death experiences, contact with deceased and mystical or spiritual experiences. As exceptional as these experiences may be, from a sociological point of view they are quite normal. They are not only part of the postmodern world in which we live, but also of the Wisdom Traditions of all cultures. Investigating these experiences has been one of the objects of the Theosophical Society since its foundation in 1875. During a two-year programme of Seminars and Study Days, new insights in science, religion, philosophy and therapy are being presented. During Dutch language Study Days, a broad range of unusual experiences are being explored. The 2022 International Seminar aims to give an overview of several of the most important scientific developments in this field.

Speakers: Prof. dr. Hans Gerding, Tim Boyd, Prof. em. dr. David Lukoff, Dr. Ann van Sevenant, Dr. Angela Roothaan, Prof. Dr. Dean Radin, Natalia Abdel Fattah, Dr. Roeland Van Wijk, Dr.rer.nat. Dr.phil. Walter von Lucadou, Dr Rico Sneller, Tran-Thi-Kim-Diêu

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